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Naturally, slowly growing, in stress-free environment, our beef is free range and grass fed Halal Cattle. It is our answer to a definition of a really good steak!

Supplied from local, small farmers, we are choosing only the finest pedigree rare breed beef born and reared in UK. Cuts such as Angus, Dexter, English Longhorn & Shorthorn are hung and aged by us for up to 48 days, giving time for maturing process to bring out the best flavour.



With a proper layer of fat, our Orchard Outdoor free range pigs are more than just a nice, delicious, crispy crackling. Fed on a natural diet - free from additives and genetically modified feed - they are succulent, flavoursome and shown to carry Omega-3 fatty acids. From rare breeds such as Saddleback, Middlewhite and Old Spot, we are providing our own made sausages, bacon, gammons, alongside primal cuts on a daily basis. 



Under just 1 year old, Halal spring lamb is seasonal peak in supply, following the traditional breeding cycle: born in winter, sold in spring. Our milk fed and grass finished Halal Dorset and Salt Marsh lambs are perfect for Sunday roasts. The texture and colour of the meat is mild and delicate in flavour with a hint of sweetness.



Free range Cotswold white and gold chickens are a traditional slow growing breed. Reared in unfenced wooden area, feeding off the farm floor with added corn, they are rich in taste and do not shrink when cooking. We also sell seasonal Mallard ducks, pheasants, partridges and grouses, and for fans of low cholesterol meat, Sika and the Red Deer venison which is available all year round.